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Re: Windows Key Mapping


Is there anyway to determine what kind of keyboard I have (via software
detection)? Currently, I have pc104 as the main selection but I am starting
to doubt myself.

Unless the "recent upgrade" above also included replacing the keyboard I
wouldn't worry about it. I have a laptop with 80-something keys and
pc104 specified in /etc/X11/XF86Config and every key does what it's
supposed to do. If you're interested you can take a look at a gui-style
keyboard reconfiguration utility called xkeycaps.  It has lots of
different keyboards and shows the keycodes, keysyms.. when you press a
key on your keyboard (highlighted on the display..). Be careful though,
misuse and a bit of luck could probably render your keyboard unusable.  :-)

Furthermore, what is the system file that controls the keys?

Not sure what gnome does. Probably  just inherits the X config and that
can be listed via a 'xmodmap -pk | less'. As to X's keyboard config
files I have no idea. In any event I've never had to change anything in
config files. As far as I know the "normal" way to modify your
keyboard's config under X is via xmodmap (enabling Windows keys..
switching CapsLock and Ctrl-L..). My guess is that you would only want
to change them if you needed something really different that's not
covered by X's default configs - ie. exotic keyboard/language (?).


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