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Re: XF86Config-4 and XDMCP

--- Frank Gevaerts <frank@gevaerts.be> wrote:

> On Sat, Jan 01, 2005 at 04:17:38PM -0800, Ridge
> Chittenden wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > 
> > (Another question, new thread.... Appreciate all
> the
> > help as I try to understand Debian and Linux.)
> > 
> > I have a machine running Debian Woody that's being
> > used as a server--no keyboard, no mouse, no
> monitor. I
> > have XDMCP set up so that I can log in to an X
> session
> > on the machine from another machine on my home
> > network.
> > 
> > The question: I want to slim down the machine as
> much
> > as I can (RAM is limited), and I don't want to
> load
> > stuff I don't have to. What do I really need in
> > XF86Config-4 for a machine that never has a local
> > display? Another way to put it is, does the video
> > card, monitor, mouse and keyboard information come
> > from the XF86Config-4 on the machine that's
> logging
> > in? Or the machine that's running X? 
> The machine that's running X needs a normal full
> XF86Config-4, the
> machine serving XDMCP sessions does not need an
> XF86Config-4 file or an
> X server (package xserver-xfree86) at all.
> Frank


OK, but that's what I don't really understand. Which
machine is running X? 

Machine A (adam) is running gdm. From machine B
(byron), I log on to adam's gdm screen, which is
delivered by XDMCP. When I log on to adam from byron,
I use an adam user account; the display is on byron.
(adam has no monitor, keyboard or mouse.)

Is it adam or byron that needs the XF86Config-4? If
adam, what sort of "monitor" settings should I use, as
two machines with different kinds of monitors log on
to adam over XDMCP?



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