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Re: upgraded kde3.3.1 not working properly. Need help.

Adam Aube wrote:

> Spongebob wrote:
>> Kent West wrote:
>>> If the above worked, exit X, and try "/etc/init.d/kdm start". What're
>>> the results?
>> no problems. KDE starts normally.
>> But when I reboot, it's that initial login screen that doen't work. The
>> text boxes for user and password don't function. After killing it and
>> restarting, it works fine.
>> After playing with it, it seems I don't actually have to kill it. All I
>> need to do is select console login and let it go back to the window
>> login. Now it works until I reboot.
> IIRC, there was a thread in the past few weeks regarding this issue. I
> would suggest searching the archives for "KDE login" (or similar) and see
> what that turns up.

Their solution was to purge and reinstall xfree86, etc.
Must be a different problem, since it had no effect.

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