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Re: upgraded kde3.3.1 not working properly. Need help.

Spongebob wrote:

I uninstalled all of kde and x packages, then reinstalled them. This fixed the kde root access problems and the functionality of console windows. But

1) The startup still isn't working properly.
kdm login appears, but text input (username and password) is still locked up. Doing a console login, killing kdm, and running startkde doesn't work. It gives me all sorts of errors, some of which are:
xsetroot: Unable to open display
xset: unable to open display
ksplash: cannot connect to x server
kdeinit: Aborting. $DISPLAY not set. Warning: connect() failed. No such file or directory

Typing kdm works, and the login window functions normally.

Simplify. Take KDE/KDM out of the equation.

Install a simpler window manager, such as icewm or fluxbox or wmaker ("apt-get install icewm").

Edit/create ~/.xinitrc and add the window manager's name. A simple file with the single line "icewm" will do (assuming you've installed icewm).

Now run "startx".

Does X start and work normally? If so, then X is properly configured, and you can suspect that KDE is the problem.

If the above worked, exit X, and replace "icewm" in your ~/.xinitrc file with "startkde". Try "startx" again. Does KDE start up and work normally? If yes, this may indicate a problem with your start-up scripts, kdm in particular.

If the above worked, exit X, and try "/etc/init.d/kdm start". What're the results?


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