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xwindows ati rage 128 pro

I"m a new debian user.
I've used other gnu/linux distros, mostly redhat ver
7.2 and a little with slackware many years ago.

I installed debian with a very basic install, no X

I am using a pentium 400Mhz, old emachine (got it
cheap)w/128MB mem and 16MB ati Rage 128 GL video agp

I ran

apt-get install x-window-system
apt-get install kde
apt-get install kdm

when I tried startx 
I got no screens found

so I played with
dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86

trying different configurations.
I evetually got it to run X using the VGA driver.  I
think it is giving me 640x480 at 8bit.  The res is
crappy and I'm quite sure the video card and monitor
can do better res under gnu/linux.  I installed a free
version of lindows on this machines a while ago just
because I wanted to try it and it was doing at least

does anyone have any suggestions?  Thank you.

Adam Lafayette  N1ZGG   
http://www.bloodkeg.com    (music & videos)

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