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Re: When sarge goes stable

Jonathan Kaye wrote:
A quick question.Having only been in Debian-land for 4 months I haven't yet experienced a change in status of a Debian version, unstable ---> testing; testing ---> stable; etc. Since Sarge is due to be released sometime soon, when it goes stable will Sid become testing? Will there be a (momentary) gap in the "testing" phase? That is, are they in lock-step or independent?

Thanks to all for the clear and informative answers. For my needs it appears that I should leave all my sources.list url's point to testing and not to sarge. That way, after a short pause when sarge is frozen and etch hasn't appeared yet I can carry on my smooth upgrading path. I'm quite happy with my experiences with "testing". For me, it's a nice compromise between keeping up with the latest and instability. Does this make sense to you?

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