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Re: Won't install on an ol' Dell?

> Can you be more specific, exact errors, etc.

Yeah, sorry.  I was kinda rushing out the door when I posted, and didn't have 
time to list much... I was just hoping somebody knew of a specific issue and 
an easy fix for said issue.

I don't have access to the system at the exact moment, but what I can say is 
that when I tried to install Woody it auto-rebooted without warning as soon 
as I got to the installation of the kernel and modules in the installation.  
With Sarge (CD's from November, I think.  Work fine on other systems) it 
reboots without warning as soon as I begin to initialize partitions (Woody 
set up the drive fine.)  Walbran suggested memtest86... which makes since, 
because when I first turned on the system the former OEM Windows 2000 
installation booted... into a blue screen of death... and since nothing else 
worked memory could easily be the problem.

How do I go about getting/using memtest86 or something similar?  Can I run it 
off of one of the Debian ISO disks? (I have full sets of stable and testing)

> I have install Debian (woody and sarge) recently on old Dells. They were
> Pentium 166, IIRC.
> I have also install sarge on an XPS R490 (P2)  and a Optiplex with a P3.
> --
> jr

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