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Re: upgraded kde3.3.1 not working properly. Need help.

Kent West wrote:

> Debian is designed to not allow logins to X as root (for security
> reasons - you really don't want to do that). Apparently you've been
> tinkering with those defaults (etc/kde3/kdm/kdmrc -
> AllowRootLogin=False) or you wouldn't be getting that far, or you don't
> have pure Debian packages (in which case, I'm not surprised by all the
> brokeness).

Yep, AllowRootLogin was set to true. I don't recall ever setting that. Did 
kde used to allow this by default, or maybe give a question asking to allow 
root during install? Since I moved to kde 3.1, I didn't have much need for 
root logins. Opening a root file manager allowed me to do everything I 

AllowRootLogin = false
Good enough. I'll call this one solved.

>  From a previous post of yours I get the impression that you have not
> yet gotten apt-get to complete without errors. Until you do so, you can
> probably expect brokenness on your system.

After completely uninstalling x and kde and the reinstalling them, apt-get 
now completes without errors.

> Simplify. Take KDE/KDM out of the equation.
> Install a simpler window manager, such as icewm or fluxbox or wmaker
> ("apt-get install icewm").
> If the above worked, exit X, and replace "icewm" in your ~/.xinitrc file
> with "startkde". Try "startx" again. Does KDE start up and work
> normally? If yes, this may indicate a problem with your start-up
> scripts, kdm in particular.

no problems

> If the above worked, exit X, and try "/etc/init.d/kdm start". What're
> the results?

no problems. KDE starts normally.

But when I reboot, it's that initial login screen that doen't work. The 
text boxes for user and password don't function. After killing it and 
restarting, it works fine.

After playing with it, it seems I don't actually have to kill it. All I 
need to do is select console login and let it go back to the window login. 
Now it works until I reboot.

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