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Re: Why My Modem is confuse, including me ?

On Sun, Jan 02, 2005 at 01:28:22PM +0500, Nayyar Ahmed wrote:

> When I connect Internet via any ISP it shows me 9.6k 
> connection speed, even I have tried it in all O.S in my BOX
> but it give me same speed on Debian,FC3, M$ Window.
> I have discussed it with ISP and even with Telephone providers,
> ISP Admin say's that your telephone line may have some problem
> and Telephone provider say's your telephone line is ok.

Do you hear noise on the telephone line when you use it for voice?

Can you borrow someone else's modem to test?  It could certainly be either
a defective modem, or one with incorrect settings.  Ideally, ask someone who
has a laptop (portable) computer to visit you and try to connect. If they
can connect at high speed on that phone line, the problem probably isn't the
line -- it would then probably be the modem.
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