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Re: Upgrade kernel from 2.67?

On Mon, 03 Jan 2005 02:10:05 +0100, David Mandelberg wrote:

> Agustin wrote:
>> Thanks, Adam. This is exactly what I want to do, but I'm not sure what I
>> can delete or move. How will I find this out?
> You can get rid of older kernels (always keep the current one though), you can
> delete old log files (in /var/log), another thing is, if /home is on the same
> partition, you could compress/delete files from your home.

Partition sizes and occupancy are as follows:

		Directory		Type		Size
							Total		Occupied
/dev/hdh2	/			ext3		134 Mb		134 Mb
/dev/hdh5	/usr			ext3		3,5 Gb		2,3 Gb
/dev/hdh6	/var			ext3		1,7 Gb		972 Mb
/dev/hdh7	/tmp			ext3		294 Mb		8,1 Mb
/dev/hdh8	/home			ext3		3,6 Gb		2,5 Gb
tmpfs		/dev/shm		tmpfs		237 Mb		0 bytes

Thanks again,


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