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Re: vncserver wont start gui

It still wont work...i have tried:


fluxbox-session &



Xsession &

I get a message after I execute vncserver
xauth: (argv):1: bad display name "bag-end:1" in "add" command

is this the problem?

On Jan 17, 2005, at 5:46 PM, Ali Alphan Bayazit wrote:

On Mon, 2005-01-17 at 17:32 -0800, Jeremy Hunt wrote:
Thank you.

It is pointed in the right direction now but I still can't figure out
what to put in the xstartup file to make the gui show up in the vnc

$ls -l xstartup
-rwxr-xr-x  1 alphan alphan 135 Nov  2 21:43 xstartup

$grep -v \# xstartup
xsetroot -solid grey
icewm-session &

my xstartup is a shell script,
don't let comment removing efforts of mine fool you,
it starts  with



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