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Re: User environment and gdm/xdm

 --- Serge Matveev <serge@matveev.spb.ru> wrote: 
>     Is there a "debian way" to set up some user environment preferences
> if I
> log in with gdm? I mean %PATH, by example.

This was hashed out many months ago here, with some (quite frankly)
idiotic suggestions about changing the init sequence. By environment I
assume you mean environment vars? In which case put them in
"~/.bash_profile" and source it from within "~/.xsession"

You can define "~/.xsession":


#source files:
[ -f ~/.bash_profile ] && . ~/.bash_profile

#Add any other programs you want to start here
#in the form:
# program &
# program2 &

# Start the window manager
exec /path/to/my/window/manager

Then just:

chmod 700 ~/.xsession

That will then get read when you login via [gx]dm.

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