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Re: Websec

On Wed, 26 Jan 2005, David Baron wrote:

> I am trying to use this to monitor a few websites, running as a daily cron.

tar zcvf /mnt/floppy/website.tgz


via cron ( once a minute .. once an hour ... however long it takes
for the cracker to deface the site )

	mount /dev/floppy

	tar zdvf /mnt/floppy/website.tgz

	if ( $? == error )
 		mail -s "website changed"  d_baron@012.net.il 

and if the site is too big to fit on floppy or some other safe
place you can keep the db, than you can:

	wget the md5sum if you like that better

	- or -

	ls -laR /home/httpd/ > /mnt/floppy/website.lst

	- or - 

	hundred other ways, none of which means you needbuy somebody
	else's sw

c ya

> I get the cron notifications that it emailing me a page with marked up 
> changes. I never get the email.
> I have tried the full domain, username@localhost, and just username. No go.
> Anyone tried this puppy?
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