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Using screen with a wyse60

I am trying to use screen on a wyse 60 connected to a
up-to-date woody box. I can login on the wy60, but once
I start screen, the cursor just drops down a line and
sits there until I hit Ctrl-C, not even the startup_message.
Doing a ps, i see only one screen processes running.

I tried this on an older (August) snapshot of sarge. Again,
nothing happens. This time, however, there are both a screen
and a SCREEN process running, but cannot quit using Ctrl-C.
The SCREEN is defunct and I have to kill the other one

I have tried googleing (web & groups), but "screen" is a
very difficult term to search for, especially in
conjunction with wy60/wyse 60.  So any help/insight/pointer
would be greatly appreciated.

Here is my inittab:
WYSE:23:respawn:/sbin/getty 9600 ttyE7 wy60


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