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Re: Why does C-s lock up xterm?

On Mon, 2005-01-24 at 22:17 +1100, Cameron Hutchison wrote:
> Once upon a time Adam Funk said...
> > >From using gnome-terminal and other "heavyweight" terminal emulators,
> > I'm using to pressing ctrl-S to pause the output.  But when I do this
> > in xterm (which I otherwise prefer because it seems lighter) it locks
> > up the terminal window permanently (as far as I can tell).  Why?
> > 
> > Is there a way to pause and release the console output on xterm?  Have
> > I missed some configuration option?
> ctrl-s pauses the terminal. ctrl-q releases it.
> Standard ASCII XON/XOFF characters for software flow control.

This goes back to the Elder Days of hardware.

X, in this case, is short for "transmit", and so when you were
logged into a serial green-screen or TTY terminal, XOFF is what 
you'd type to tell the host to stop sending data, and XON would 
tell the host to resume sending the data.

Also back then, the "representational" symbol for ctrl was ^, 
so instead of ctrl-S, you'd type ^S.

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