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Why My Modem is confuse, including me ?

Hello All,

I have a P-3 machine at ma bedroom,which is dual-boot
with Debian,Fedora C 3, M$ Windows 2k,and has
an external Serial Port US Robotics 56k modem,
I recently have got a new telephone connection for
Dial-up connection, NOW THE CONFUSION:

When I connect Internet via any ISP it shows me 9.6k 
connection speed, even I have tried it in all O.S in my BOX
but it give me same speed on Debian,FC3, M$ Window.

I have discussed it with ISP and even with Telephone providers,
ISP Admin say's that your telephone line may have some problem
and Telephone provider say's your telephone line is ok.

I wounder who is eating those remaining byte :)

TIA , if any body can help me out.

Nayyar Ahmad

Faculty Of Computer Science,
Institute Of Management Sciences,
Hayat Abad Peshawar , Pakistan.
Office : 92-091-9217404 , 9217452
Cell     :  92-0333-9139461

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