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Where to put the PDA ?

Hello everyone,

I've bought a Sony Clie PDA and am currently trying to make it connect
properly on my Debian system.

My computer has 2 hi-speed (USB 2) ports as well as 2 USB 1.1 ports.
When I run dpkg-reconfigure gnome-pilot (or kpilot), it asks on where
port will the PDA be connected, giving my a choice of ttyUSB0 or
ttyUSB1. How do I know which port is which ?

I've tried to connect the PDA on any port and then typed:

sudo grep -i usb /var/log/messages.

I get the following :

Jan  1 10:17:14 helsinki kernel: usb 1-1: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

So basically kpilot/gpilot/etc use a specific naming convention
(ttyUSB[01]) while the kernel uses another one.. How do I make a
relationship between the two ?

Before you ask.. all the usb-related stuff in the kernel is enabled
(most of it compiled as modules, and those modules get loaded, as lsmod

Besides trying my PDA into each and every USB port (trial/error), is
there a way to know which port is actually ttyUSB[01] ?

Thanks in advance,


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