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[no subject] "E: Internal error" apt-get installing sysvinit "Good" ftp server "Microsoft" Project for Linux "mpeg-es"(?) video format and mplayer "Segmentation fault" running "ls" ...? Re: 'apt-cache search' question #2 'apt-get upgrade' error this morning 'testing' system 2.2.20 won't boot: hangs in hotplug subsystem (Fwd to list) Re: Wireless lan setup (no subject) .bfk files, unable to restore Re: .htaccess problem /dev/mem is gone! /dev/tcp/ doesn't work with bash /etc/cron.daily/find says user does not exist Re: /etc/cron.daily/find says user does not exist - SOLVED /etc/init.d/fetchmail start fails with strange error /etc/network/interfaces problem /etc/syslog.conf /usr/share/doc... RE: /usr/share/doc...[solved] /var and /home are gone /var/lib/dpkg/info/packagename.md5sums: sometimes is missing 2 Hardware Questions (LCD/Wireless Router) 2 IPs on 1 Network Card Re: 2.4.20 is (still) huge 2.4.20 is huge! 2.4.20 kernel and RTL8139 Re: 2.4.20 kernel and RTL8139: solved 2.5.67 Linux Kernel Support 2nd ethernet card 3Ware SATA controllers (was Re: Hardware RAID setup) 686 optimized libc6 8 button mouse. (logitech mx 700) 8139too will not load in Kernel 2.4.20-1-k7 Re>号外! 人気200 %UP中!! Re: synaptic  0.36-1 latest kernel with xfs patches [ANNOUNCE] cupsys_1.1.14-4.4 libpam fix, closes Bug#183211 Re: [DEB-USER] Re: netiquette on other lists [ Open Source Legislation] Re: [despammed] smtp auth [DISASTEROUS RESULT!] Re: downgrade wants to rm coreutils! [Fwd: pb to access debian-gcc cvs as anonymous?] [HELP] .htaccess problem [HELP] .htaccess problem.......thanks. [Help] Anybody has auth_ldap with ssl deb can share to me ??? Thanks. [Help] Dose Anyone have Debian Woody FreeS/WAN through NAT Howto ??? [Help] How should i FORCE umount NFS-server directory?? [Help] Please Help me about FreeS/WAN question........Thanks Re: [linux-lvm] Swap on LVM - swapoff problem - more info [linux.debian.user] Re: Need help for file sharing -- linux -- linux boxen (addendum) [LONG] Debian Certification (Was: Re: Topics for upcoming Debian conferences?) [LONG] RH refugee comments & questions Re: [LONG] RH refugee comments &amp; questions Re: [LONG] RH refugee comments &amp;amp; questions Re: [lowliest priority help] needed for Apache in Debian stable Re: [Lugor-discuss] Need help with lockups on tyan s2460 motherboard in SMP mode Re: [openMosix-general] A few tips for Debian Openmosix newbies Re: [OT, FLAME] Linux Sucks [OT,FLAIMBAIT] Re: Users ready for Debian on the Desktop [OT] deleted .gpg stuff...recovery? Re: [OT] Designing a Website [OT] email standard maximum line length [OT] Galeon open link in new tab shortcut [OT] informix + unixodbc? [OT] iptables -m owner target problem [OT] mkisofs, autorun under Mac [OT] Network throughput [ot] pine smtp authentication [OT] Problem with a prog compiled using g++-3.2 [OT] software to run mailing list <-> web forum [OT] Time monitoring workbook application [OT] Where stands 'rc' for? [pentium-builder]: multiple compiler flags destroying the concept? [REPHRASED] fetchmail [RESOLVED] gnome2.2 woody backport and semi-official backport freetype issue Re: [RESOLVED] gnome2.2 woody backport and semi-official backport freetype issue Re: [RESOLVED] Newbie: where to find appletalk.o? Woohoo!!! [RESOLVED] Re: ps2pdf - Bullets Can't Be Printed [SID] Enlightenment & mozilla X crash [SID] evolution [SID] Ultime libfreetype6 [sid][apache] mime conf error [SOLVED?] Re: grandfatherclock unable to create lock file [SOLVED] nvidia-kernel module problem with kernel-source-2.4.18 [solved] Output Plugin for xmms [Solved] Re: Extract one file from .deb? [SOLVED] Re: phoenix "suddenly" broke [solved] Re: rows/columns per page w/ cups? [SOLVED] Re: WMV file still doesn't play and now some packages broke [SOLVED] validation for html Re: [SOLVED] validation for htmll [SOLVED]Re: new kernel, now no network (2.4.20 kernel dhclient) Re: [~OT] tax program for linux aaxine and slang abcde/sid: many segfaults About phpgroupware accented characters Mode_switch method access like form builder? Ache seu velho amigo de escola na internet!!! Adaptec 29320 scsi card adduser problem Re: adduser problem and shadow passwords with qmail Re: Administering a network ADSL connection doesn't work ADSL/PPPoE; ppp0: Device not found Re: algorithm for correct sources.list lines? ALSA Mixer enabling alsa module ALSA plays, but not with sound alsa probelms emu10k Re: ALSA sound setup [SOLVED] [REVIVED] Alsa under debian Re: Alsa under debian: Never mind ALSA w SB Live: Synth devices not enabled Anacron errors Annoying Laptop problem/feature screen goes dark Anti-Aliased Fonts any suggestions on ntp servers? Anyone made any lvm boot floppies Anyone using Compuserve/AOL as an ISP? Apache and PHP apache cgi-bin access forbidden. Apache reads from wrong DocumentRoot Apache replaces ip-address with (local) hostname apache update in sid Apache+NIS authentication (mod_auth_pam) help. apache-2.0 and restricting users? The last update was on 10:05 GMT Mon Jul 08. There are 5392 messages. Page 1 of 11.

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