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Re: 8 button mouse. (logitech mx 700)

* Janis Hagelberg (janis.h@freesurf.ch) [030412 05:53]:
> hello!
> i've just bought the new logitech mx-700 optical cordless wheel mouse.
> the "problem" is that it has 8 buttons, i.e. 3 extra buttons.
> but i d'ont know how to give those three additional buttons any function, 
> like launching konqueror, or switching windows.
> here is my gpm.conf and my xf86config-4, with the three usual buttons plus 
> the wheel working perfectly. 

What have you tried to get the other buttons working?  Does xev show
anything for them?  If so, then gpm and X are doing their part
correctly, and you just need to use something (xmodmap?) to respond to
those clicks events.

good times,

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