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/etc/network/interfaces problem

I have two boxes, one Woody with a 2.4.18 kernel and one Testing with a 2.4.20 kernel. The /etc/network/interfaces are identical except for the static addresses. The Testing box signs on to the network at bootup, the Woody box does not. Specifically, the interfaces file for the Woody box is as follows:

   auto wlan0

   iface wlan0 inet static

On bootup ifconfig shows only the loopback interface while ifconfig -a shows the above values but wla0 is not up. The command ifup wlan0 produces a reponse that wlan0 is already configured. If I then enter the following two commands:

   ifconfig wlan0
   route add default gw

the wlan0 interface comes up and the gateway to the internet is open. As stated above, the interfaces file for the Testing box is identical accept that the address is

I don't understand why Testing comes up on bootup and Woody does not and I don't understand why entering values for the address and gateway which are identical to those in the interface file brings the Woody interface up.

Can anyone help?

Tom George

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