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Re: [RESOLVED] Newbie: where to find appletalk.o? Woohoo!!!

appletalk (old-style, not IP) support is apparently in the full kernel in Woody 
2.2.20, but NOT in compact.

I installed the full kernel, had to re-install the mod for my ethernet card, 
and away we went...with no recompile!!!!

Thanks a billion to Talon and everyone else who helped!

Now on to getting the samba side cooperating... ;)


Quoting Dave <sblk0802@jimmiedave.com>:

> Quoting Talon <megglestone@heritage.sd57.bc.ca>:
> > Quoting Dave <sblk0802@jimmiedave.com>:
> > > before your message, and my inspections of what modconf provides (both at
> > > install time and again after your suggestion) do not show appletalk
> > > available as a module.
> /.../
> > What is the history of your Debian install?
> > Did you use the i386-binary-1.iso image to install?
> > The stock kernels should have the module there. I wonder if you have
> > some funky kernel installed. 
> dists/woody/main/disks-i386/3.0.23-2002-05-21
> I assumed this was the "real" set of discs, no?
> Installed fresh on this machine (no upgrade, no custom kernel). Same search
> on a
> different box installed from the same set of discs gives the same results.
> Will look at install kernel-image. Thanks!



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