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Re: [lowliest priority help] needed for Apache in Debian stable


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Firstly, I apologize for the multiple postings earlier today. My news-reader is has a quirl when ~sending~ that it closes out the composition window without updating the status. It also showed my messages in the "pending" folder rather than in the "sent" folder.

I have since switched news-readers.

Nate: Thank you for your helpful feedback, the appearance of '/usr/local' in the error file is due to an attempt to build apache 1.3.27 from sources (Apache website). Further searching through deb packages revealed that the missing 'shmget' call is likely in the 'apache-common' package, which I obviously hadn't built (looking back).

Colin: I'm not familiar with '/var/shm'. I've never noticed it on my system, nor know it's purpose.

In general: I believe I tracked down the origin for this problem, though. I recently installed kernel-2.2.22, which defaults to apm_bios calls in the stock debian package. I thought I had disabled this, but I was receiving "can't locate module char-major-10-134" error messages at 2-3 per hour. I also noticed a performance decrease over time. Installing (and running) the 2.2.20 kernel, with apm_bios removed, seems to have solved this.

<Difference in Philosophy>

I have received cc'd mails reminding me that Debian is a volunteer supported community. I accept this fully, and realize that I will not get immediate responses. However, I am sure that I am not alone in experiencing severe frustration when a previously well-working application, listed as a "stable" package, no longer behaves as it had. I find it a tad "superior" to hear the constant responses of "wait, we're all volunteers" and "if you don't like it, build it yourself" that has been lurking here of late.

IMHO, community refers not only to the members of a group, but the collective actions ~of~ that group. I would hope that maintainers and power users can recall the day when they were still newbies, even though they felt comfotable building, debugging, and generally going CLI crazy.

I can find no explanation for the change in ~my~ installation of apache other than these problems occured only ~after~ a regular upgrade on a stable system. I am still mystified and was hoping that the maintainer for apache would see my post.

I know ... I know ... file a bug on bugzilla. Yep, that works well for those bugs that the ~maintainer~ believes to be important, which may or may not be the opinion shared by the bug filer.


In any case, I have removed apache and replaced it with apache2 from testing. Although there are some wrinkles wrt 'dwww' and 'info2www', the packages that I was most concerned about using (requiring a web server), now work again.

I will submit a bug to bugzilla though, because I feel certain that the dramatic reduction in size of my initial apache install and that which replaced it has something to do with files being re-arranged / removed.

Again, thank you for your responses. I hope that my future postings will appear more level-headed.

C. Masters

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