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Re: [OT, FLAME] Linux Sucks

The only time in the past five years I've used a floopy is to reformat a
new drive. Come to think of it, my IBM/Western Digital utilities could
be written to a CD. Hmmm.

>     There is simply no excuse to have a machine with a floppy these days
> unless it is a specialty machine (Netapp comes to mind.... early netapps). 
> The only reason floppies still exist in PCs is because the computer companies
> are too scared to yank them out.  I honestly haven't used my floppy since I
> first installed Debian in, uhm...  1995?  Did CD images exist for Debian back
> then?  And how much were CD-Rs, media and CD-ROMs?  You could make the
> argument then that it was an economic problem to only have CD-ROM images. 
> Today, I doubt it.
Brian Gonzales <gonzales@thuntek.net>

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