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[Help] How should i FORCE umount NFS-server directory??

Hello  : 

Could u tell me how should i FORCEFULLY umount NFS-server directory  from NFS-client ???

i had tried using two commands as follow:  (BUT, it is NOT WORKING to umount when NFS-server crash -_____-)

1. shell > mount -t nfs -o soft,intr,bg,rsize=8192,wsize=8192 nfs-server:/var/www /var/www 
2. shell > mount -t nfs -o soft,intr,bg,retry=5,timeo=2,rsize=8192,wsize=8192 nfs-server:/var/www /var/www 

However, i had tried using " lsof " command to find out PID then i using "kill -9" or "kill -15" command

to kill PID that occupied in /var/www ...Unfortunately , it is NOT WORKING ......i still CAN  NOT umount /var/www

Has Anyone knows how "forcefully"  umount /var/www  in NFS-client ???????

Please help me.....Thanks a lot...... @_____@

Trust & Unique ...
axacheng <axanet@ms32.hinet.net>

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