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'testing' system 2.2.20 won't boot: hangs in hotplug subsystem

I've been running debian testing on my vaio for over two years and
I've never had a problem, until after I used aptitude to update my
system this morning.

As I said, I run testing.  I'm still running with a 2.2.20 kernel,
and I haven't run aptitude in about a month, so I bunch of updates
this morning.

My system will not boot; it checks kernel modules, mounts the
filesystems, then attempts to start the hotplug subsystem.  Once it
 hub.c: USB hub found
 hub.c: 2 ports detected
The system freezes.  It just hangs there and I have to do a hard

Is there some way to disable hotplug from the lilo prompt that will
allow me to at least boot the system and figure out how to fix it?
"linux single" hangs in the same place.



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