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Re: [OT, FLAME] Linux Sucks

Lindsay Yardley wrote:
G'day Alex,
I found the installer great but while I'm new to linux I've been using
PC's since about 1982. It would probably be very helpful to the
developers if you could be more specific about the information you think
is lacking.
Yes, I agree that the installer (per se) is great if you know beforehand
the specific information that you must supply.  It's not enough to know
what hardware is in your computer.  You must make critical configuration
decisions at the spur of the moment.  If you had prior knowledge of the
configuration decisions you must make, wouldn't this improve your chances
at doing it right?

It's been quite a while since I installed Debian so I can't give specific
examples of the problem areas but I remember the frustrations of not knowing
how I was supposed to respond.  I do remember something about 'repository'--
I had no idea what to do about this.  The accompanying 'help' didn't really
help.  There were several situations like this.  It wouldn't be so bad if you
could take time out to do a web search for information.  Just think how
nice it would be if you had a document that you could refer to for infomation.

Did you read the installation howto?
Yes, more than once. I printed it out and had it alongside me while I was
installing Debian.  It is an excellent Debian document but it does not
discuss the specificities that must be addressed during the installation.
Why not create a document that directly relates to the installation as you
will experience it?

The Debian user list is probably the most active list on the internet. It's
loaded with problems that users experience. Could this be because of
difficulties caused by improper installation?   Could something be lacking
in the installation instructions?

 | The debian installation process is loaded with surprises
 | that forces the inexperienced to make
 | critical decisions that can make or break the installation.
 | If there was  documentation that
 | describes what to expect and the options, it should improve
 | the chances of a good installation.
 |   Current installation documentation doesn't provide that
 | kind of information.
 | The help that's provided during the installation helps a
 | little but if more detailed information
 | is available before starting the installation, that help
 | wouldn't be needed and the installation
 | could be mapped out beforehand with a better chance at success.
 | alex

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