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RE: [OT, FLAME] Linux Sucks

The Debian user list is probably the most active list on the internet.
It's loaded with problems that users experience. Could this be because
difficulties caused by improper installation?   Could something be
in the installation instructions?

I think that if you take look around, you will find that Windows has just as many problems. I will agree that the install is easier (generally), but not always. I.e., the recommendation I always see given to people upgrading to WinXP is to backup data, format drive, and do a fresh install.

If you told someone trying to upgrade to sid (or the latest version of their favorite Linux distro), they would look at you like you were stupid. If your recommendation was the best path to take, they would find a new OS. Yet, millions of people have happily backed up their data to CD or another drive and formated their machines for the "privilege" of installing WinXP.

This is not a procedure I would consider asking any novice to undertake, yet it is done daily. A good look around the various mailing lists and newsgroups will show you how many people are experiencing problems with this supposedly install of windows.

Just my thoughts.

-Roberto Sanchez

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