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Re: Alsa under debian: Never mind

 Arthur H. Edwards,1,505-853-6042,505-256-0834 wrote:

I have installed the 2.4.20 kernel on a box with an Ensoniq 5880 sound card. I have also compiled the alsa-source-2.4.20 package and installed the modules. It's a case where everything looks great. I can bring up the alsamixer and see that it recognizes the chip set. I run amixer and it sees all of the controls. I have read and followed the steps in the sound HOWTO and the alsa MINI-HOWTO. I still get no sound. Yes, I have unmuted master. I have checked the /proc system and everything looks good. I am using the snd-ens1371.o module

Any help would be appreciated.

Art Edwards

Sorry. I just rebooted and found that I could cat endoftheworld > /dev/dsp and hear it (I couldn't before.) Also, my CD player worked as soon as I replaced the hard connection to the sound card. It's amazing what rebooting can do.

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