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Re: "Good" ftp server

Hall Stevenson <hallstevenson@mindspring.com> writes:

> A friend is trying to migrate his "server" from Windows to linux and
> needs an FTP server. I don't know which one to recommend to him
> though...
> Any comments or opinions ?? I see bsd-ftpd, which I imagine is probably
> a pretty good one security-wise. I also see good, ole wu-ftpd. He's not
> interested in anonymous logins, by the way.

I like pure-ftpd.  Easy to set up and it works like a charm.  It has a
good security record, but it might be too soon to tell.

I was using proftpd but it kept botching file times (it would give
localtime instead of zulu like the RFC says you are supposed to).
Look at the debian proftpd package all you'll see this has been a
longstanding bug (on the order of 100 days or so).


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