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Re: [~OT] tax program for linux

> [snip]
> On the plus side, the Canadian version of TurboTax, QuickTax, does not
> appear to employ the strange things that its US counterpart. My father
> installed it on his comp and I could find no trace of the rumored nasty
>  stuff (moreover, Intuit denies that it exists in the Canadian
> version).

Great! My Micro$oft work computer is safe, from the evil nasty stuff. I'm
gonna sleep better tonight boy.
For next year, I would LOVE to find a Canadian tax program or web based
service I could use with Mozilla - and Debian GNU/Linux.
The web based version of QuickTax gave me: YOU NEED "Microsoft Internet
Explorer 4.0 or later on Windows or Netscape 4 or later on Windows or
Macintosh." Would tricking the browser test be morally wrong?
How would I ask the Canadian Web based Income Tax program providers to
support Mozilla and GNU/Linux?
Dan Hunt
Saint Brieux Saskatchewan Canada

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