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Re: /usr/share/doc...

Michael Kahle <michael.kahle@scc-wi.com> writes:

> I was looking at some of the gzip'd documentation in
> /usr/share/doc/exim today and I got to wondering...  When I want to
> view the documentation, I would always change to root, then
> uncompress the file, read it, and then re-compress it.  Am I making
> this too difficult?  Is there another utility that I should be using
> to browse this documentation so that I don't have to go through all
> of these steps every time?

You can use 'zcat' or 'zless' to directly read a gzipped text file.
Some other hints:

-- I have LESSOPEN='|/usr/bin/lesspipe %s', which causes 'less' to be
   clever about automatically gunzipping files for me.

-- 'zcat foo.ps.gz | gv -' might work to display gzipped PostScript,
   though you won't be able to page backwards.

-- 'cp foo.ps.gz /tmp; gunzip /tmp/foo.ps; gv /tmp/foo.ps' uses a
   temporary file to the same end, without being root.

-- For things that aren't text files, 'see foo.ps.gz' will use the
   default MIME viewer for a particular extension to look at files.

-- In zsh (don't know about other shells), there's lots of useful
   command-line substitutions; I do 'xpdf =(zcat foo.pdf.gz)' all the
   time.  (zsh generates a temporary file with the uncompressed
   contents; <(...) would work if I just needed a pipe.)

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