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Re: .bfk files, unable to restore

Hi there!

Don't you think that this mail would be more suited to a MS mailing

Am Die, 2003-04-22 um 16.21 schrieb Ted Colthurst/GBC:
> I switched from 2K to XP and did not know XP required signature approval on
> some software so coincidently I had conflict.
> In order to revert back to 2K I used my Zip 100 discs and the backup
> procedure from windows XP.
> I accumulated 8 discs full of all my data.
> I then reinstalled (clean) the WIN2K.
> When I went to restore the Zip discs I could not unpack them and could not
> retrieve my data. 2 years worth.

Uhuh. So why exactly can't you unpack them? You don't give us lots of
information to work with.

> MSN can't help saying it is a software problem and Zip can't help saying it
> is an operating problem.
> I am thinking it has to do with the file system format FAT (XP's) vs NTSF
> (2k's).

I can be wrong, but IIRC WindowsXP *can* be installed using NTFS (which
is recommended if you don't use Linux on the same box)

Just slap the disks into a Linux box and try to read them.
You *do* run Linux, don't you?


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