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Re: 2 Hardware Questions (LCD/Wireless Router)

Matt Price wrote:
> I need to buy a wireless router and a monitor, and have questions
> about both.
> First the router.  Looking around, I gather all these routers run
> their own networking and encryption software.  Having recently
> converted to Debian GNU/Linux, I'm bummed at having to give up control
> of these features to some hardware I have no real access to, and I
> feel just a little suspicious of these closed-platform boxes.  On the
> other hand, they do seem to be pretty practical devices.  So my
> question:  can anyone share opinions about particular models, or
> general criteria to apply in deciding between competing models?

I know exactly what you mean. If you don't mind spending a bit more, you
can buy a small, silent, low power computer such as the openbrick
(http://openbrick.org), which can run Debian and function as an access
point. You'll need to get one of the right wireless cards which linux
can use in access point mode uwing either the hostap or wlan-ng drivers,
and do some tweaking.

see shy jo

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