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[RESOLVED] gnome2.2 woody backport and semi-official openoffice.org backport freetype issue

Woody ships with freetype 2.0.9 while my gnome2.2 backport uses freetype
2.1.3.  After some investigation and testing, I have found that gnome
2.2 does not actually require freetype 2.1.3.  Due to people wanting to
use the semi-official openoffice.org packages
(http://www.linux-debian.de/openoffice/) and the potential problems with
using freetype 2.1.3 on a woody system, I have recompiled packages in my
backport to use the woody version of freetype.  This should resolve any
issues with the semi-official openoffice.org.

New users of the backport don't require any special instructions beyond
those found at http://people.debian.org/~walters/gnome2.html.

Current gnome2.2 backport users should do:

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
rm /var/cache/apt/archives/*freetype*
dpkg -r --force-depends libfreetype6 libfreetype6-dev freetype2-demos
apt-get -f install

The above will end up removing any packages that depend on freetype
2.1.3, so people using another package of openoffice.org will have to
change to the semi-official version (see above link for mirrors).

Note that simply doing an 'apt-get update && apt-get upgrade' will not
remove the freetype 2.1.3 packages, and will also not remove packages
that depend on the 2.1.3 version of freetype (ie fontconfig and libxft2
from my backport and openoffice.org if you use it)-- therefore the
'apt-get upgrade' shouldn't break anything.  I do recommend downgrading
freetype however, as the stability of apps compiled against 2.0.9 but
using 2.1.3 is unknown (though light testing shows they do still work).

This change will hit the mirrors after 1:00am EST.

Jamie Strandboge

PS-- I am not subscribed to debian-openoffice, so please CC me with
questions, feedback, etc.

Email:        jstrand1@rochester.rr.com
GPG/PGP ID:   26384A3A
Fingerprint:  D9FF DF4A 2D46 A353 A289  E8F5 AA75 DCBE 2638 4A3A

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