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Re: "Good" ftp server

* Hall Stevenson (hallstevenson@mindspring.com) [030417 19:07]:
> A friend is trying to migrate his "server" from Windows to linux and
> needs an FTP server. I don't know which one to recommend to him
> though...
> Any comments or opinions ?? I see bsd-ftpd, which I imagine is probably
> a pretty good one security-wise. I also see good, ole wu-ftpd. He's not
> interested in anonymous logins, by the way.

If 'ftp' isn't a strict requirement, apache with mod_dav is a great
solution to the file transfer problem.  Windows and Mac users can mount
a "web folder" or some such to access DAV directories without any need
for extra client software.

The advantages on the server are many: no wacky connection
tracking/firewall holes necessary, robustness, flexibility, ease, and
security of apache (adding SSL and/or digest authentication is also very

good times,
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