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RE: [OT, FLAME] Linux Sucks

> WinXP is to backup data, format drive, and do a fresh install.
> If you told someone trying to upgrade to sid (or the latest 
> version of their 
> favorite Linux distro), they would look at you like you were 
> stupid.

I wouldn't.

> your recommendation was the best path to take, they would 
> find a new OS.  
> Yet, millions of people have happily backed up their data to 
> CD or another 
> drive and formated their machines for the "privilege" of 
> installing WinXP.

If they're happy, what is the problem.

I like fdisk, it's a nice feeling to have a clean install.
People who have not fdisked since their first install do not know what they
are missing.

Same goes for those with reboot phobias.  pffft.

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