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Re: "E: Internal error" apt-get installing sysvinit

Colin Watson wrote:
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Not at all. Filing bugs is usually a more productive way of getting the
problem fixed, though. (The sort of breakage you quoted must be a bug in

This brings up an interesting question ... at least for me. About 99% of the time when something doesn't work as I think it should, I eventually find out that the core problem is "me" and my lack of experience. The other 1% is a true "bug". The above numbers are just my sense of the status of thing here. I really dislike filing a bug report when it is my own foible/stupidity that caused it. Sometimes distinguishing between the two states is difficult, and the process of making this determination is always educational. The paradigm I have been using recently is a follows:

1.  Check the log files for hints.

2.  Read the available Docs, including the Debian-specific READMES.

3. Check the current bug reports if you can isolate a probable affected package. A lot of times it is difficult to single out a specific package... looking at dependencies helps sort this out.

4.  Muck around and try to find a solution on my own.

5. Probe Debian-User to see if anyone else has run into it and has a solution already. Most of the time, this involves reading the archives.

6. Contact the package maintainer with the problem if either Ifind a solution, or I cannot solve it myself.

7.  File a bug report if #6 doesn't get a response.

So far, I have not had to file any bug reports! The few times I have gotten to the point of contacting the maintainer, I have found them VERY helpful and gracious.

Any suggestions for improvements?

-Don Spoon-

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