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Re: 8139too will not load in Kernel 2.4.20-1-k7

On Wed Apr 09, 2003 at 05:04:54PM -0700, Terry Milnes wrote:
> Here is the error that is given:
> unresolved symbol mii_ethtool_sset_Rbf2cb681
> unresolved symbol mii_nway_restart_R200b1155
> unresolved symbol generic_mii_ioctl_Rce45ca15
> unresolved symbol mii_link_ok_R12f1615d
> unresolved symbol mii_ethtool_gset_R53f8fbbe

Ah, you actually do
$ insmod 8139too
while you should do
$ modprobe 8139too

8139too.o depends on mii.o which modprobe resolves and insmod not.
Doing an insmod on my testing maching gives the same output.

If you do
$ insmod mii
and then
$ insmod 8139too
it should also work.

so long

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