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Re: [RESOLVED] gnome2.2 woody backport and semi-official openoffice.org backport freetype issue

On Thu, Apr 10, 2003 at 12:02:07PM -0400, James D Strandboge wrote:
> Woody ships with freetype 2.0.9 while my gnome2.2 backport uses freetype
> 2.1.3.  After some investigation and testing, I have found that gnome
> 2.2 does not actually require freetype 2.1.3.  Due to people wanting to
> use the semi-official openoffice.org packages
> (http://www.linux-debian.de/openoffice/) and the potential problems with
> using freetype 2.1.3 on a woody system, I have recompiled packages in my
> backport to use the woody version of freetype.  This should resolve any
> issues with the semi-official openoffice.org.

Nice, but now they conflict with the woody backports of xfree86 4.3
listed at http://www.apt-get.org/list.php?site=236, which is needed for
many newer videocards. Yes, I know, by mixing backports I risk these
kind of problems.

So I'll stick with the previous gnome2.2 which includes freetype 2.1.3,
or maybe upgrade my desktops to unstable :-(.  I'm open to better
suggestions though.

Best regards,


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