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RE: Anyone using Compuserve/AOL as an ISP?

On Mon, 2003-04-28 at 12:05, Wathen, Metherion wrote:
> OK, thanks. I wont waste any more time trying that.
> I actually have an account with compuserve, I heard somewhere that AOL bought them out. (not sure how accurate that is, tho.) I do think its odd that AOL wont let linux in, especially since there was that big hoopla sometime back where they supposedly dumped IE for Netscape or something else.
> Let me ask you this,
> If I set up a network, with my windows box as the primary connection to compuserve, can I use my linux box to apt-get software?
> Thanks in advance for your reply.
> mw.

AOL did buy CompuServe, years ago, before the dot-com bubble started
inflating much.

Iirc, AOL for Windows is still IE-based (for now) but I'd thought I'd
heard that on the Mac, it is now Netscape/Mozilla based.

As to apt-getting through a Windows box as a gateway, so long as your
NAT is working okay, it *should* work.
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