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Re: [OT] Time monitoring workbook application

> I am wondering if anyone can recommend an application for easy
> monitoring of time spent on different projects.  I need something that
> allows recording of notes on what was attempted and achieved, and time
> started / finished.
> I need something better than my current practice of using vim to create
> flat text files of notes.  It would be a bonus if it could sync with a
> palm pilot and use the system time for recording of start / finish.

I remember myself trying out such an application (for PalmOs) which was
very simple and should fit your needs. Unfortunately I can't remember
the name.

Looking at http://www.palmopensource.com/index.php3?category=11 I see
Hours, TCLogger, Timesheet and TiTrax. None of them look like the
software I tried.


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