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apache-2.0 and restricting users? Apache2 & Php4; Is there ANY compatability progress? Apache: webdav access just through https? Re: Applying own set of changes to source -- howto create a deb-file apt-cache stable/testing apt-get apt-get dialup/housekeeping script apt-get dist-upgrade upgraded kernel source package! apt-get doesn't remove dependencies apt-get doubt apt-get gets base-passwd from fr? could be a security problem? apt-get isn't doing what I think it's supposed to apt-get libwxgtk2.4-python problem apt-get over gateway Re: apt-get over gateway: got it ! apt-get repair question apt-get update apt-get update (??) apt-get update overflow apt-proxy clean_sweep apt-show-versions Question apt/dpkg package files (status, available) aquirrellmail usser autheintication Asus P4PE and lm_sensors ASUS P4T533 and lm-sensors ataraid at install time ATI Radeon 7000 and GLX ATI Radeon 7500 Mobility Ati videp cards Attaching a file with "mail" Attempting a Debian Install on a Libretto 100CT Authenticate when SSL is activeted only? auto rmmod lp autodetect hardware for Compaq Presario 1245 ? AutoResponse - Email Returned SAXK (KMM28826030V57382L0KM) AW: 686 optimized libc6 Backing up updated packages Backported openoffice and freetype backporting uw-imapd Bad mouse problem in unstable Bash autocompletion bash functions for daemon control (was Re: [LONG] RH refugee comments & questions) bash question: reporting a variable named within a variable been up that long_root is jello Belkin UPS Shutdown Problem Best Debian Reference? best encryption over http big problem with apt-get / deselect Bind 9 has problems quitting bloating file system Bogofilter configuration Bonjour! boot error: can not open root device "341" or 03:41 boot floppy bootcd: log files and cron jobs bootdisk Booting linux without using boot manager Booting to console is a non-event 0r give me back CLI Borland Kylix on Linux Re: Borland Kylix on Linux - Both Pascal and a C compiler broken CD in apt-get bug from update-menus ? Re: bug from update-menus I APOLOGIZE Bug in fetchmail 6.2.1 - please take a look! Bug#188896: Clear security/critical bug support policy needed bugs build package with gcc-3.2 building nvidia drivers for 2.4.20-1-k7?? Bunch of messages from Rob (was Re: Update questions) Re: buying a cd writer Cable Internet provider (Adelphia) system policies toward GNU/Linux Can Debian be used instead of Redhat ? Re: Can't access admin pages on my linksys FW since upgrading to woody + 2.4 kernel, TCP RESET set on return packet Can't access admin pages on my linksys FW since upgrading to woody + 2.4 kernel, TCP RESET set on return packet Can't access can't add cron job Can't configure XFree 4.3 for Radeon 9000 Pro can't load kernel from rescue.bin Can't locate char-major-6 Can't mount cdrom anymore cannot install package cannot remove gdm cannot remove package cannot resolve self Cannot setup X Window System cannot start X Carte PCI64V Caution, before you send tcpdump-output CD isos and jigdo CD label maker - what's your preference? CD parted (for info) cd sound but no other sound cd-burning with cdrdao and vorbis CD-R vs. CD-RW...why won't the latter work? CD-ROM probs when compiling kernel2.4.18 cdrdao / ide-scsi problem cdrecord cdrecord errors cdrecord scsi timeouts cdrom - driver not present cdrom - driver not present, but it's ok for now cdrom and zip can't be mounted changing postfix to use qmails Mailbox system? changing the Gtk font Changing WM checking other dns server for particular subdomains choosing among installed gcc versions choosing kernel at install Re: Chrooted Debian install from base image (was Re: Instalation question: Toshiba TECRA 8000) Compaq DL-360 Compaq Evo D300 compiler in unstable broken? Compiling a KDE app (configure: error: Qt ...) compiling a kernel Compiling alsa driver source Compiling mga-vid-source under unstable compiling pan Compiling xcircuit Computer Problem or Requirement ? Call us config basics Confused state of my system Connecting remotely to my home computer Console logging Console question Console sound mixer with + or - balance control Consultancy Content checker Convert sth to pdf or ps - FONTS PROBLEM Re: Convincing someone to switch to Linux Could not perform immediate configuration (2) on sysvinit Counterstrike on Linux A couple KDE questions a couple of minor issues Courier, which package to install The last update was on 19:10 GMT Sun Jun 17. There are 5398 messages. Page 2 of 11.

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