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RE: [OT, FLAME] Linux Sucks

Am Die, 2003-04-08 um 02.10 schrieb Joyce, Matthew:
> > WinXP is to backup data, format drive, and do a fresh install.
> > 
> > If you told someone trying to upgrade to sid (or the latest 
> > version of their 
> > favorite Linux distro), they would look at you like you were 
> > stupid.
> I wouldn't.
> > your recommendation was the best path to take, they would 
> > find a new OS.  
> > Yet, millions of people have happily backed up their data to 
> > CD or another 
> > drive and formated their machines for the "privilege" of 
> > installing WinXP.
> If they're happy, what is the problem.
> I like fdisk, it's a nice feeling to have a clean install.
> People who have not fdisked since their first install do not know what they
> are missing.

Well if you install your source packages to /usr/local and use .deb's as
often as you can, that shouldn't be a problem.

> Same goes for those with reboot phobias.  pffft.

Huh? I'm using a laptop most of the time. When i stop working with it, i
suspend it and very rarely reboot it. I can't see where this can cause
problems. Server machines with high uptimes are a lil' bit different of
course. You can't be sure that the server boots up cleanly after you
restart it. That's just another reason to not reboot those machines ;)

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