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Re: alsa module

Joydeep Bakshi <joy12@vsnl.net> writes:

> here is a confusing problem. I like to insert the alsa module in my woody. 
> but the alsa-driver source has been located at  
> */usr/src/modules/alsa-driver* & the kernel source at 
> */usr/src/kernel-source-2.4.18*  
> make xconfig doesn't show the alsa option.  do I need to move the
> alsa-driver at a particular directory (?) under the kernel-source to
> get the alsa option during make xconfig ??

You're not going to see any ALSA options in the main kernel
configuration; you should enable "sound card support" as a module, but
not any of the other sound modules.  Then after you run 'make-kpkg
kernel-image', you can run 'make-kpkg modules-image' to produce an
extra .deb file that contains the ALSA modules.

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