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Re: [OT] email standard maximum line length

Thus spake Paul E Condon:
> I'm working on getting him to press carriage return from time to time
> as he types, but he is somewhat set in his ways.

You might try to find out what MUA he's using (check the headers), and
then find out where that particular MUA has an option for line wrapping.
Most MUA's that I've encountered have an option _somewhere_ for the
equivalent of "Wrap long lines at X characters".  Then again... some
don't, I'm sure.

Nathan Poznick <poznick@conwaycorp.net>

Revenge If you attempt to beat a man down and so get his goods for less
than a fair price, you are attempting to commit burglary as much as
though you broke into his shop to take the things without paying for
them. There is cheating on both sides of the counter, - Henry Ward

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