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Re: [OT, FLAME] Linux Sucks

Greetings Alex

alex wrote:
The debian installation process is loaded with surprises that forces the inexperienced to make critical decisions that can make or break the installation. If there was documentation that describes what to expect and the options, it should improve the chances of a good installation. Current installation documentation doesn't provide that kind of information.

The help that's provided during the installation helps a little but if more detailed information is available before starting the installation, that help wouldn't be needed and the installation
could be mapped out beforehand with a better chance at success.


Personally I found that starting with Mandrake was good - the install of 8.0 gave me headaches configuring X11xxx but the handbook that came with the disks was OK to get the learning curves smoothed out.

Debian install came next, using net install and two floppies. The HOWTO was printed out and read several times, as well as the references to apt and dselect. That done, I found the install pretty smooth. X gave me problems again - I still do not know which mouse I have, but PS/2 seems to work. Trial and error took 2 evenings to get the screen working. <sigh> Just like Mandrake.


Brian F. Walker
Registered Linux User 270078
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