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Re: .bfk files, unable to restore

On 22 Apr 2003, Matthias Hentges wrote:

> Uhuh. So why exactly can't you unpack them? You don't give us lots of
> information to work with.

Zip disks are notoriously fragile.  Backing up to floppies is about the
same risk level it seems.

> Just slap the disks into a Linux box and try to read them.
> You *do* run Linux, don't you?

If he used the windows backup program, he can't read them with Linux.  I
posted a request about how to do this with .bkf files a few months ago so
I could restore users files from Linux instead of having to commandeer a
Windows computer, but no one had any ideas at all, so I just went on with
life :)


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