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Re: [LONG] RH refugee comments & questions

* Monte Milanuk (milanuk@nwinternet.com) [030415 16:23]:
> This is one of those things that I'm interested in myself.  In something 
> like SuSE or RedHat, I'd just go in and issue a command of something 
> like /etc/rc.d/init.d/nfsserver restart to shut down and restart the 
> server w/ new config file.   SuSE had a handy shortcut where a body 
> could just type 'rcnfsserver restart' w/o having to type out the full 
> path or cd to that directory and do the same thing.  What would be the 
> equivalent in Debian (of the full path command)?

So say this:


and then you can use

$rc/nfsserver restart

if '/etc/init.d' is too much typing for you.

good times,
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