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Re: 2.4.20 is huge!

Hi yall & Emma,

whom typed.....


I've just upgraded from 2.4.18 to 2.4.20 and my vmlinux file is three
times the size! I copied the .config file from 2.4.18 into the directory
for 2.4.20 and then ran make menuconfig. I needed to turn off APM and turn
on all of the ACPI options (all as modules). I also turned on the Ali 5451 module under sound. I didn't change anything else.

Where is all the extra beef coming from? Is there a easy to understand web
site somewhere?
Also, at some point today I found a web site that
explained what each of: bzImage, .config, System.map (etc) were. Does
anyone know which site I may have been looking at? It may have been a
wiki, but I can't remember now. All I'm finding in google now is old
mailing list posts with problems concerning these files.

If you are on Netscape, check thru your history file & you will find a set of footprints thru the www, then re-trace until you find the site.

When you do, would you please post it hereabouts, as I have been looking for such a beastie also.


Greek Geek :-)

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