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Re: [despammed] smtp auth

Tuesday, April 1, 2003, 2:11:21 PM, debian-security@lists.debian.org (debian-security) wrote:

Arnold> ok ad first I'm not really sure, if this ist exactly the right forum, but I'm 
Arnold> getting email from this list a long time and to be true I didn't found a 
Arnold> debian list for mailing administrativa...

http://lists.debian.org  listmaster@lists.debian.org

I think this belongs on user more than security, but someone can
correct me.

Arnold> I'm trying to set up my dial-up system for mail relaying via mx.freenet.de 
Arnold> and they are using smtp-auth to accept every mail from someone who has an 
Arnold> email-account on their system. I read a couple of articles about the 
Arnold> configuration of postfix and set up /etc/postfix/main.cf with all mentioned 
Arnold> parameters and options. Postfix is seat up to reconfigure via the pon/poff 
Arnold> scripts.

Do you have the sasl plugins installed?  I don't use postfix, but in
sendmail there is also an accepted mechanisms list that the mechanisms
must be listed in.

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